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Clayton Fresk

Clayton Fresk joined Stadion Money Management in 2009 and currently serves as Portfolio Manager of Stadion’s Retirement investment strategies, which comprises oversight of Stadion’s managed account, target-date, and risk-based strategies. He provides thought leadership for Stadion’s participant level, customized retirement solutions, in order to ensure that its glide path technology and asset allocation are able to support all intermediaries in the defined contribution ecosystem. Clayton holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a member of the CFA Institute and the CFA Society of Minnesota. He also received an MBA degree and a Bachelor's degree in Finance & Marketing from the University of Minnesota.

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Stable Value Funds in TDFs

For the first time in a couple years, the rumblings that we may be in a rising interest rate environment have reappeared. The 10-year treasury rate is now up about 1% off its all-time lows in August 2020 (which equates to about a 7.5% decline in the price). With that, we are still in a very low-rate environment, with the 10-year rate still only at about 1.6%, which matches the lowest rates from previous dips in July 2012 and July 2016. Nevertheless, pundits and investors are seemingly starting to worry a bit.

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4th Quarter and 2020 TDF Flows

As we continue to move on from a rough 2020, it is interesting to look back at Target Date Fund (TDF) flows to get a glimpse into how participants saved for retirement or unfortunately failed to save or, even worse, took withdrawals. While this glimpse does not give the total picture due to other investments available in retirement plans, we can still glean some interesting intel from TDF flows, both at a savings level and how the TDF industry continues to shift and morph.

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4th Quarter and 2020 TDF Performance

We have emerged from a tumultuous 2020. Covid-19 took over our lives and, for many, livelihood. The election finally came and went. And after the newsworthy bear market in the 1st quarter, the stock market proved very resilient as it recovered this loss extremely quickly to close out the year at all-time highs. So how did all this noise affect Target Date Fund (TDF) performance?

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3Q20 TDF Flows

With another quarter in the books, we’ll take another look at asset flows within the Target Date industry.

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