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Clayton Fresk

Clayton Fresk joined Stadion Money Management in 2009 and currently serves as Portfolio Manager of Stadion’s Retirement investment strategies, which comprises oversight of Stadion’s managed account, target-date, and risk-based strategies. He provides thought leadership for Stadion’s participant level, customized retirement solutions, in order to ensure that its glide path technology and asset allocation are able to support all intermediaries in the defined contribution ecosystem. Clayton holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a member of the CFA Institute and the CFA Society of Minnesota. He also received an MBA degree and a Bachelor's degree in Finance & Marketing from the University of Minnesota.

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3Q19 TDF Flows

Now that we’ve entered the final quarter of 2019, let’s look back at the flows within the TDF industry. Overall for the quarter, the industry saw net inflows of $27.8 billion, or about a 1.3% increase over the end of 2Q19. Total AUM in TDFs hit nearly $2.2 trillion.

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Target Date Fund Indices

The advent of the Target Date fund was back in early 1994 (as detailed in an earlier post).  As TDFs grew in popularity and more plans/advisors/participants starting using them, a question arose as to how properly measure a TDF's performance. 

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Where it all began

Target date funds (TDFs) are a staple within the retirement industry.  But comparatively to the asset management universe, they are a relatively new phenomenon.  So, when did TDFs begin?

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